The Art of Dean Gazeley



        In the aftermath of the epic art battles that shook the last century, avant-garde and traditional forms have come to resemble each other, switch places even.  So-called modern art sometimes appears conventional, Velasquez and Goya eternally radical.  Abstraction can seem tame, representation revolutionary.  In this paradoxical new space, artist and viewer are free to enjoy equally the challenge of experiment and the pleasure of enduring forms - to savor uninhibitedly what Octavio Paz once called "the fiesta of the object."

        Dean Gazeley´s art employs various media (charcoal, pencil, paint), surfaces (canvas, paper), modalities (free sketching, line drawing, easel painting), and forms (figure, landscape, still life) to invoke multiple levels of perception.  We see people of our time, naked or clothed, working or at rest, erotic or pensive, gazing at us, or themselves, or something we can´t see.  Nature, objects, and materials that surround us daily reform and reveal themselves under the artist´s keen eye and master hand.  Though rooted in Mexico where Gazeley lives and paints, the work travels unconstrained across space and time in reference, technique and subject.  Seduced at first by the composition, we end up gazing into the subject´s eyes; initially ravished by color and line, we end up thinking about our lives.

        Dean Gazeley´s art is about the rewards and revelations of passionate attention, the luminous engagement of the artist with his world.


                                                                                                                                    -Tony Cohan 2008


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